Buttercup Acres Nubians
Senior Does
For 2013
Nubian Dairy Goats
Buttercup Acres KK Truffles  4*M   LA  VG89  VEEE
Brown W/Spots; Brown Ears  02/09
G6S Normal
Sire:+B Lakeshore QM Kingston  LA  VG88 VEE
SS: Quarter Mile Manhattan
SD: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Hearts Extasia 1*M
Dam: Buttercup Acres Extreme Karmal 3*M  LA EX92 EEEE  
DS: *B High-Tor Extreme Karma
DD: Buttercup Acres Mocha's Kahlua 2*M  

Can she milk off the weight? Yes, she can-Receiving an excellent in dairy character
after freshening a second time. Her udder is just so extremely well attached, very nice
medial and teat placement. She walks uphill, is level and I am excited to see what she
will do next year as she endured a long process of healing this past season. She was
attacked (big cat or dog?) when she was about 5 weeks bred. She almost died, but
God just said it is not your time to go. So, she survived, carried a set of quads to term,
and is still going strong. My hat is off to this strong, excellent doe. She will be bred to
KIDS: $400  DUE: Feb.13   Kidded

1 Doe Reserved    1 Buck Available-Sold            Nothing Available
2nd Freshening
Buttercup Acres MJ Piper  4*M   LA  VG88  V+EE
Red Brown; Partial Belt: White ears &Blaze  03/09
G6S Normal
Sire: Buttercup Acres Papa Bear  LA EX90  VEE
SS: Heritage-Song Papa Bear
SD: Buttercup Acres Clementine  6*M  
Dam: Buttercup Acres Kahlua's Pippi  3*M  LA  VG89 VVEV
DS:+*B Buttercup Acres Molly's Blazer  LA VG89 EVE
DD: Buttercup Acres Mocha's Kahlua  2*M  LA EX90 EEEV

Piper has filled that wide escutcheon area with a beautiful round udder
which she walks around with ease. A very pretty doe that is showing a
lot of strength in all areas. Very strong on those feet and pasterns, tight
in the toes. I really liked all the quads she had last year with Equinox.
But since I have Sir Skittlebug here this year and probably will not next
year I think I will use Sir Skittlebug this year and go back to Equinox
next year. If you are interested in a similar breeding to the Equinox
breeding-see Peach and Praline.
KIDS: $350  Kidded-Triplet Does

1 Doe Reserved- Two Available-Sold     Nothing Available
Two Yr. Old-1st Freshener
1-11  258  1745  81  4.6%
2-11  267  2384  107  4.5%
1-10  292  2233  108  4.8%
2-10  265  2356  111  4.7%
Buttercup Acres Berry Panache  4*M
Light Tan;Partial White Belt & Blaze; White Ears 02/11
G6S Normal (Parental Testing)
Sire: Pruittville's Logan Berry  LA  EX91  EEE
SS: *B Blissberry Mr. Goodbar
SD: CH Pruittville's N/E Razzberry  
Dam: Buttercup Acres Kahlua's Pippi  3*M  LA  VG89  VVEV
DS: +*B Buttercup Acres Molly's Blazer  LA VG88  VVV
DD: Buttercup Acres Mocha's Kahlua  2*M  LA EX90 EEEV

This girl is quickly becoming a favorite. Since she belongs to Pippi it is
no wonder. Nice tight mammary system with lots of milk. Excellent head
and feet. Still immature, but watch this one. I loved her twin bucks by
Tortuga last year, so I am looking for me a doe. Planned breeding is to
Tortuga. 1st doe retained.
KIDS: $375  DUE:

Reservations Closed-        Nothing Available
Buttercup Acres Jacob's Wages    
Black; White Spots,Crown, Ears & Muzzle; Tan Trim  03/11
G6S Normal (Parental Testing)
Sire: Saada Quilted Tortuga  LA  VG88  VEV
SS: *B Saada H. Bawky Bird  LA VG89 EVV
SD: Saada Royal Pandemonia  4*M  LA 01-04 85 VV+V
Dam: Buttercup Acres Karmals Godiva 4*M  LA  VG85  ++EV
DS: Pruittville's Logan Berry  LA EX91  EEE
DD: Buttercup Acres Extreme Karmal  3*M  LA EX92 EEEE

I will call her Jackie. Very long legs, long elegant neck and ears. She is
also long bodied. She freshened with a nice soft, capacious udder-well
attached. She is still immature, but I like her a lot. She had beautiful twin
does last year by Logan. I will breed her that way again.  
KIDS: $325  
DUE: Feb. 12  Kidded-Nothing Available

Doe Reservations are Closed
Buttercup Acres Princess Peach  7*M   
Orange Red; White Ears, Crown & Muzzle  02/11
G6S Normal (Parental Testing)
Sire: Buttercup Acres Papa Bear  LA  EX90  VEE
SS: Heritage-Song Papa Bear
SD: Buttercup Acres Clementine  6*M  
Dam: Buttercup Acres Classy Mango  6*M  LA  VG89  EEEV
DS: *B Heritage-Song Kpacho Class
DD: SG Buttercup Acres PJ's Persimmon  5*M  

Peach was a very pretty, long,stretchy, wide kid. She was RCH at the
D6 I.N.B.A. Specialty in Brenham in 2011. She has continued to grow
into a beautiful and very large milking yearling. I love her style and body
type. I will not be able to adequately judge her udder this year as it is so
capacious and soft. The appraiser said-this type of udder fills from the
bottom. There is no way a milking yearling will fill this udder-she will
probably milk 15 or 16 lbs. as a grown doe. I plan to breed her to
KIDS: $325  DUE: Jan. 15

Kidded  Single Buck-  Sold
Buttercup Acres Bold Praline  5*M  
Brown; White Flash, Ears, & Muzzle: Black & Cream Trim 01/11
G6S Normal (Parental Testing)
Sire: *B Lakeshore Bold Equinox  LA EX90  EEV
SS: *B CH Lakeshore-Farms Bold Equasion  LA EX92 EEE
SD: SG Lakeshore Ace Summer Solstice  6*M LA 1-05 88 VVVV
Dam: Buttercup Acres KK Truffles 4*M  LA VG89  VEEE
DS: +B Lakeshore QM Kingston  LA VG88  VEE
DD: Buttercup Acres Extreme Karmal 3*M  LA EX92 EEEE

Praline has surprised me with her growth rate. She was my smallest
doeling, but really grew well as she carried her first kids. She freshened
with a nice round udder and good milk supply. My yearlings had not
been fresh long at appraisal, so were still a bit loose from freshening
with udders  just starting to develop. Praline has been bred to Papa
KIDS: $325  DUE: Jan. 22

Kidded- Twin Bucks -1 Available
1-00  221  1121  50  4.5%
1-01  227  1372  69  5.0%
1-02  227  1280  59  4.6%
1-01  220  1512  67  4.4%