Buttercup Acres Nubians
Senior Does
For 2013
Nubian Dairy Goats
Buttercup Acres Chelsea  11*M    LA 6-02 EX90 EEEV
Red; W/Frosted Ears
G6S Normal
Sire: +*B Buttercup Acres HBA Rocky Road
SS: *B La-Homa Bah Bon Amour
SD: Buttercup-Acres Hunny Bun  3*M
Dam: Buttercup Acres Charmin Kelsey  10*M
DS: *B Buttercup Acres Smooth Hero
DD: Buttercup-Acres Chelsea's Charm  9*M

This is a nice level doe with good width. She has many generations of proven
milk production behind her. She has a super fore. Her udder is so soft and she
milks down to nothing. If I was only going to have 1 doe to milk, this would be her.
Chelsea will be bred to Logan. First doe retained.
KIDS: $350  DUE:

Doe Reservations are Closed
1-11  260  2002  87  4.3%
5-00  207  2338  89  3.8%
6-00  238  2205  83  3.8%
Buttercup Acres Kahlua's Pippi 3*M   LA 1-03 VG85 VV++
Red Brown W/Spots; White Ears  01/08            LA  3-07  VG89   VVEV
G6S Normal
Sire: +*B Buttercup Acres Molly's Blazer  LA VG89 EVE
SS: Buttercup Acres Mighty Mo
SD: GCH Buttercup Acres Miss Molly  7*M
Dam: Buttercup Acres Mocha's Kahlua  2*M  
DS: +B Buttercup Acres Tradeline
DD: GCH Buttercup-Acres Cocoa's Mocha  1*M  

Pippi is very correct and colorful. She has a great personality as does her
dam and grandam. Her udder is attached everywhere. Long, wide smoothly
blended fore and high, wide, smoothly blended rear. A doe built to only
improve with age. Pippi just seems to have pretty babies regardless of who
she's bred to. I am excited to be able to breed her to Buttercup Acres Sir
Skittlebug. 1st doe and 1st buck retained.  
KIDS:$500  DUE: Feb. 13
Kidded-Nothing Available
1-02  209  1102  55  5.0%
3-01  239  1767  87  4.9%
4-00  252  1810  89  4.9%
2 Yr Old
3 Yr Old
SG Buttercup Acres Classy Mango 6*M   LA  VG89  EEEV
Red : White Ears, Crown & Muzzle 01/09
G6S Normal
Sire: *B Heritage-Song MM Kpacho Class   LA VG86 VVE
SS: *B Teardrops A Kiss Of Class
SD: SG Heritage-Song Magic Moment 4*M  
Dam: SG Buttercup Acres PJ's Persimmon 5*M  LA VG88 VEVV
DS: Heritage-Song Papa Bear
DD: Buttercup Acres PT Plain Jane  4*M

Mango is out of a set of triplet does. All of them nice. All of them very long
bodied with very long ears. She is long, tall and smoothly blended. Very
nice round udder, good medial and texture. I plan to breed Mango to
Logan this year.
 KIDS: $350  DUE:

Doe Reservations are Closed
1-00  262  1418  77  5.4%
2-01  240  2284  4.9%
Buttercup Acres Extreme Karmal  3*M  A.I.    LA 6-02 EX92 EEEE
Red Brown W/Spots   01/03
G6S Carrier
Sire: *B High-Tor Extreme Karmal
SS: ++*B Kastdemur's E.T. Example
SD: GCH High-Tor Crown Esprit  5*M
Dam: Buttercup Acres Mocha's Kahlua  2*M   
LA 6-02 EX90 EEEV
DS: +B Buttercup Acres Tradeline
DD: GCH Buttercup-Acres Cocoa's Mocha  1*M   
LA 11-01 EX91 VEEE

This is a tall, wide, uphill doe with elegance and a wonderful personality. Her udder is
attached all across the belly wall and is high and wide in the rear with a long smooth
fore. She has excellent breed character and a lot of milk. Karmal appraised EX92 with
an E in all categories.
We have learned that Karmal is a G6S Carrier. She is much too valuable an animal
however to just "throw the baby out with the bathwater", so she will remain a part of my
breeding program and all future kids will be tested.
Karmal will be bred to Buttercup Acres Sir Skittlebug. First doe retained.
KIDS: $525  DUE: Jan. 22  -Kidded 1 doe and  1 buck
2-00  260  1810  81  4.5%
3-01  230  2132  93  4.4%
6-01  230  2394  97  4.1%
8-01  239  2601  113  4.3%  
Buttercup Acres Karmals Godiva  4*M   LA  VG85  ++EV
Red Brown W/Spots; White Ears & Muzzle  02/10
G6S Normal
Sire: Pruittville's Logan Berry  LA  EX91  EEE
SS: *B Blissberry Mr. Goodbar
SD:CH Pruittville's N/E Razzberry  
Dam: Buttercup Acres Extreme Karmal 3*M  LA EX92 EEEE
DS: *B High-Tor Extreme Karma
DD: Buttercup Acres Mocha's Kahlua 2*M  

Godiva is a pretty doe with very large belled ears. She is the tallest doe
in the herd at 2 years of age. While Godiva is not a real balanced doe,
she has some traits that are awesome and she produces beautiful kids.
She will again be bred to Tortuga. 1st doe retained.
KIDS: $325
DUE: March 05    Kidded- Nothing Available
1-01  217  1058  54  5.1%
1-11  271  1933  96  5.0%
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