GCH Buttercup-Acres Cocoa's Mocha  1*M   LA 11-01 EX91 VEEE
Red Brown W/Spots & Splashes; Brown Ears  02/96
Sire: SG +B  Sans-Souci Pinata's Apache
SS: SG ++*B Sans-Souci White Lightning
SD: Sans-Souci Trisket's Pinata
Dam: Buttercup-Acres TNT Cocoa
DS: *B Sans-Souci Tango's NN Toto
DD: Buttercup-Acres Cocoa
Mocha was appraised  for the first time and received an EX91 at 11 years of age.
She was sharp, level, had an excellent udder, and a wide, flat rump. Her style and
personality added to the total package of what I feel makes an excellent doe. You
will find her name, in the pedigrees, of several of our other animals.
Feb. 1996-Aug. 2009
Freshened 12 Times in 12 Years
You Are Missed
Known For Her Love Of Oatmeal Creme Pies
GCH Buttercup Acres Miss Molly
*B Buttercup Acres Molly's Blazer
GCH Buttercup Acres Miss Molly  7*M   

Sire: SG +B  Sans-Souci Pinata's Apache
SS: SG ++*B Sans-Souci White Lightning
SD: Sans-Souci Trisket's Pinata
Dam: Buttercup Acres Flashy Ruby  6*M
DS: *B Sans-Souci Fashion's Jack Flash
DD: Buttercup Acres Gaiety's Tess  5*M
+B Lakeshore QM Kingston  04/06  LA 3-00 VG88 VEE
Golden Reddish Brown; White Flag and Topknot; Frosted Ears
Sire: Quarter Mile Manhattan
SS: Prairie Patch Mandrill
SD: Prairie-Patch Minnie
Dam: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Hearts Extasia  *M  
DS: ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess
DD: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Ace Of Hearts  
2-04 EX91 EEEE  

His dam received an appraisal score of EX91 EEEE. She was 1st
place 3 yr. Old with 1st. Place udder at he ADGA Nationals 2006. She
was also 1st place/2nd udder Milking Yearling 2004 Nationals. She
finished her championship as a 2 yr. Old. His grandam- Ace Of Hearts
was 1st place/1st udder 2 yr. Old at ADGA Nationals 2003. She went
on to win 2003 ADGA National Nubian Best Udder. His sire-
Manhattan- is very closely related to Prairie-Patch Miller, the sire of
2005 ADGA National Champion, GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila and
2006 Reserve Grand Champion, Lassenwood Miller's Valentine.
SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Heart's Extasia 1*M
Kingston's Dam
*B Heritage-Song MM Kpacho Class  05/06  LA 2-11 VG86 VVE
Cinnamon Red; Silver Ears & Crown
G6S Normal
Sire: *B Teardrops A Kiss Of Class
SS: SG ++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service
SD: SGCH Teardrops Kozmic Kiss 1*M  LA EX90 VVEE
Dam: SG Heritage-Song Magic Moment  4*M  LA EX91 EEEE
DS: SG *B Goldthwaite Magic  LA EX90 VEE
DD: SGCH Heritage-Song Maggie   3*M   LA EX91 EEEE  ADGA Breedleader

Kpacho (Russian for Red) is a very large, level buck. He had some nice wide,
long, level kids. He is the son of the 2005 Spotlight Sale Buck. His paternal
grandam-Kozmic Kiss is a doe with proven ability to reproduce herself. She has
appraised excellent 3 times under 3 different appraisers. Kiss' sire is GCH Little
Bic's Ellie's Big Deal. His maternal grandam-Maggie is a gorgeous doe with a
L.A. Score 91 EEEE and is also an ADGA top 10 Breed Leader. Kpacho's dam
-Magic Moment is a beautiful doe who is doing well in the milk parlor and at the
shows. His grandsires are also very nice. The most noted improvements I am
seeing from Kpacho are stature, length of body, length of ear and extreme vigor.
Magic Moment
Kpacho's Dam
Kpacho's Maternal Grandam
Heritage-Song MM Kpacho Class
Buttercup Acres Mocha's Kahlua  2*M   LA 6-02 EX90 EEEV
Red Brown W/Spots; Brown Ears  01/01
G6S Normal
Sire: +B Buttercup Acres Tradeline
SS: SG +B Sans-Souci Pinata's Apache
SD: Buttercup Acres FC Katydid
Dam: GCH Buttercup-Acres Cocoa's Mocha  1*M   
DS: SG +B Sans-Souci Pinata's Apache
DD: Buttercup-Acres TNT Cocoa II

Kahlua is built nice and has a well attached udder. She has a lot of width
between the hocks which are very square. I would like to see more milk, but
her daughters are more milky than she is. She gave me 5 A.I. does the first
two years she was bred. I retained a kid from she and Blazer that is a super
nice doe (see Pippi) and also retained baby sister Kandi this year.

I lost Kahlua this year (2011) due to kidding complications. She is missed.
GCH Buttercup Acres Easter Bunny
GCH Buttercup Acres Easter Bunny 2*M  

Sire: SG +B  Sans-Souci Pinata's Apache
SS: SG ++*B Sans-Souci White Lightning
SD: Sans-Souci Trisket's Pinata
Dam: Buttercup-Acres Kalico Foxx  1*M
DS: +B Sans-Souci Fashions Jack Flash
DD: Buttercup-Acres Foxxi Ginger (A.I.)
Kismet Foxx Shaman Daughter
SG +B Sans-Souci Pinata's Apache  02/95

Sire: SG ++*B Sans-Souci White Lightning
SS: ++*B Timber Coves Golden Trade
SD: Sans Souci Princess Lokelani 3*M  
2-11 305 3310 159 4.8%
Dam: Sans-Souci Trisket's Pinata (A.I.)
DS: *B Brown Sugar's CA Masterpiece
DSS: ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador
DD: Sans-Souci Loki's QS Trisket (A.I.)  
3-01 266 2720 140 5.1%
DDS: ++*B GCH H.Homestead Quicksilver

Sire to Mocha, Bunny, and Molly, also grandsire to Blazer and
double grandsire to Kahlua, Apache has had a lot of influence on
my herd. Pippi and Kandi are also linebred on Apache

+*B Buttercup Acres Molly's Blazer  01/05  LA 4-03 VG88 VVV
Red Roan W/Spots; White Ears & Blaze; Black Markings
Sire: Buttercup Acres Mighty Mo
SS: Heritage-Song Papa Bear
SD: GCH Buttercup-Acres Cocoa's Mocha  1*M   
LA 11-01 EX91 VEEE
Dam: GCH Buttercup Acres Miss Molly  7*M
DS: SG +B Sans-Souci Pinata's Apache
DD: Buttercup Acres Flashy Ruby  6*M

This is a nice level, uphill buck that has a very smoothly blended front end. He
appraised excellent on head,rear legs, back and rump and was very good on
everything else. Both Mocha and Molly have very nice milky udders.
Buttercup Acres Miss Skittles 10*M    LA  VG89  VVEE
Red W/Splotches; White Ears, Crown & Muzzle  01/09
G6S Normal
Sire: +*B Buttercup Acres Molly's Blazer  LA VG88 VVV
SS: Buttercup Acres Mighty Mo
SD: GCH Buttercup Acres Miss Molly  7*M
Dam: Buttercup Acres DK Kayla  9*M  
LA GP82 VV+A  
DS:+B  Lakeshore QM Kingston  
DD: Buttercup Acres Dinah Might  8*M  LA VG87 VVVV

Skittles is linebred on Miss Molly with a dose of Mocha thrown in for
good measure. I have the hardest time trying to capture the style and
angularity of this doe in a picture.The appraiser gave her an extremely
correct in shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs and feet in the
structural categories. She has freshened with a high tight mammary.

lost Skittles in October of 2011 to an attack on the herd (big cat or
dogs?) We are still not sure.
A sad loss at a much too young age. She was an important part of my
breeding program.
1-01  229  1279  62  4.8%
2-01   213  1958  95  4.9%
RU Skittles