*B Lakeshore Bold Equinox  03/10   LA  EX90  EEV
Light Brown Roan;White Splashes, Frosted Ears & Muzzle
G6S Normal
Sire: CH *B Lakeshore-Farms Bold Equasion  LA EX92 EEE
SS: GCH ++*B Kastdemur's MPR Liason  LA EX91 EEE
SD: GCH Lakeshore-Farms Exantique Lace 2*M  LA EX90 VEEE
Dam: SG Lakeshore Ace Summer Solstice 6*M  LA 01-05 88 VVVV
DS: SG ++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service  LA EX90 VEE
DD: GCH Lakeshore-Farms Summer Storm 5*M  LA EX92 EEEE

EXTREMELY long,EXTREMELY level and what a nice rump. Those are my first
thoughts when I look at Equinox. As you can see by his pedigree, he is a well bred
young buck. His dam, Solstice was the 1st place milking yearling at the 2008
Nationals with 1st place udder. Maternal grandam, GCH Lakeshore-Farms
Summer Storm was the 2004 ADGA Junior National Champion and 1st place/1st
udder two year old in 2005. His paternal grandam GCH Lakeshore-Farms
Exantique Lace appraised EX90 three consecutive years and was 3rd place in
her class at the 2001,2003 and 2006 ADGA National Shows.
I retained a lovely doeling from him this year (Praline) who scored an Ec on Young
Stock Appraisal..

Thank You To Megan Carter for the use of photos
Buttercup Acres
Nubian Bucks
Buttercup Acres Papa Bear 01/07  LA   EX90  VEE
Reddish Brown; White Ears, Crown and Muzzle
G6S Normal
Sire: Heritage-Song Papa Bear
SS: SGCH ++*B Copper-Hill W.F.Papa Bear  
SD: Heritage-Song Kahlua 3*M
Dam: Buttercup Acres Clementine 6*M  
LA 4-02 EX90 EEVV
DS: +*B Heritage-Song Kansas Spirit
DD: SG Buttercup Acres PJ's Persimmon 5*M   
LA 4-02 VG88 VEVV
This is a very smoothly blended buck. I have two very nice daughters in the
herd at present. Piper is a 2 yr old first freshener who scored an 88 at LA
with an Excellent udder. Peach is a Jr. doe I am looking forward to seeing
fresh. She has the width and depth of her sire along with his strong
excellent head and her dam's very long body. The appraiser really liked
Papa Bear and commented that he had a wide rear arch for a buck. I am
seeing this passed on to his daughters. His dam was a very smoothly
blended doe with excellent general appearance, shoulder assembly, rear
legs, back and rump. His sire is  a 2002 Young Sire Development buck
and had an HES score at 2 months of 89.15. There is a lot of Copper-Hill
Papa Bear in this breeding.
SGCH ++*B Copper-Hill W.F. Papa Bear
Grandsire To Papa Bear
Buttercup Acres Papa Bear
Pruittville's Logan Berry  01/09  LA  EX91  EEE
Black; Tan Trim: White Ears and Crown
G6S Normal
Sire: *B Blissberry Mr. Goodbar
SS: GCH +*B Blissberry Show Me The Money  
SD: GCH T-G-F Conquest Royal Godiva  4*M  LA EX92 EEEE  ADGA Breedleader
Dam: CH  Pruittville's N/E Razzberry  LA VG88 VEEE
DS: Kastdemur's Next Expedition  LA VG85  +VV
DD: SGCH Pruittville's Huckleberry  3*M  LA EX92 EEEE
I have liked my Logan kids very much. I had two daughters freshen here this year with
nice udders and the feedback I have received from others has been positive. He is
high in the withers, level back and rump. He has grown into quite a large animal, but
is also very gentle. His dam scored a VG 88 VEEE as a first freshener last year and
has continued to develop into quite a striking doe. Razzberry has finished her
championship and is now a permanent Champion Huckleberry  was one of the nicest
does I have ever seen. Logan has 3 does in his near background that are EX92.
Logan himself has earned a LA score of EX91 EEE at 2 years of age.

Thanks to Tim Pruitt for the Photos of his dam & grandam.
Logan's Dam
Logan's Maternal Grandam
Saada Quilted Tortuga  04/10  LA  VG88  VEV  
Black; Brown & Gray Spots
G6S Normal
Sire: *B Saada H. Bawky-Bird  LA 02-04 89 EVV
SS: Saada Lord Voldemort
SD: SG Saada H. Swan Song 6*M  
Dam: Saada Royal Pandemonia 4*M  LA 01-04 85 VV+V
DS: +*B Kastdemur's King Of The Hill
DD: SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M  

What a nice buckling. Beautiful roman nose with perfect ear set. Long
bodied and tall,good chest width and depth. I liked the kids from
Tortuga this year. Most were long legged, long elegant necks, pretty
heads with long ears. Watching to see how they develope. His
grandam El-Levitica was the 1st place All American 4 year old in the
INBA for 2009 with her daughter SGCH Saada Bearly Lavender being
the 1st place 3 year old and his paternal half sister Saada Sparkling
Zinfindel being the 1st place milking yearling. That's quite a line up.
His dam's sire Kastdemur's King Of The Hill was the 2008 National
Nubian Premier Sire and has many lovely offspring

Thank You to Saada for the use of your photos.
Saada Royal Pandemonia
Saada H. Swan Song
Paternal Grandam
Saada El-Levitica
Maternal Grandam
Saada El-Levitica
Maternal Grandam
T-G-F Conquest Royal Godiva
Logan's Paternal Grandam
Pruittville's Logan Berry
*B Lakeshore Bold Equinox
B-A Jacob's
Saada Quilted Tortuga
SG Lakeshore Ace Summer Solstice
Yearling Photo-Dam
SG Lakeshore Ace Summer Solstice
Yearling Photo-Udder
CH *B Lakeshore-Farms Bold Equasion
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Exantique Lace
Paternal Grandam
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Summer Storm
Maternal Grandam
Saada Quilted Tortuga
Buttercup Acres Sir Skittlebug  (Owned by Gil Rogers)
Red Brown; White Flashes & Blaze;White Ears, Crown and Muzzle
G6S Normal
Sire: Saada Quilted Tortuga  LA VG88  VEV
SS: *B Saada H. Bawky-Bird   LA VG89  EVV
SD: Saada Royal Pandemonia  4*M  LA 01-04  85  VV+V
Dam: Buttercup Acres Miss Skittles  10*M   LA  VG89  VVEE
DS: +*B Buttercup Acres Molly's Blazer  LA VG88  VVV
DD: Buttercup Acres DK Kayla  9*M  
A very big  "Thank You" to Gil Rogers of Heritage Oaks Nubians for
allowing me to once again use the genetics of Miss Skittles through her
son. Skittlebug  will be visiting our farm for a couple of months this
breeding season. Looking forward to seeing his kids.